5 Reasons Why Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Is The World’s #1 Coaching Development Program

In an industry where everyone can easily claim themselves as a “coach”, it becomes challenging for coaches to get ideal coaching clients. Since there’s no formal standardization for coaching, a veteran coach can be on par with a self-acclaimed individual who just started their coaching career. 

One of the most effective ways to establish credibility and distinguish yourself from other executive coaches is to get a coaching certification. 

However, there are a multitude of different coaching methodologies, processes, and certifications available out there. What makes Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching different from the others? 

The uniqueness lies in our unique 5-step process. 

  1. Define growth areas with the leader
  2. Involve stakeholders within the process
  3. Stakeholder-based planning
  4. Monthly stakeholder input
  5. Measurable leadership growth using our proprietary Mini-Survey

1. Define important Leadership Growth Areas with the leader

We always encourage our leaders to focus on 1-2 key areas of improvement throughout the whole coaching engagement. 

Establishing the focus of the coaching process is crucial to our methodology as it recognizes the need of successful leaders to be the ones choosing their own goals. This includes a cost-benefit analysis that will help the leader determine “Is it worth it” to proceed with pursuing their goal. 

We will also involve the leader’s supervisor and ensure that they agree with the Leadership Growth Areas that the leader has chosen. 

2. Involving stakeholders in the coaching process

As stakeholders are on the receiving end of leadership, therefore the stakeholders are an integral part of our coaching process. Once the leader acknowledges their Leadership Growth Areas, we will ask them to choose who are the relevant stakeholders that we should involve throughout the process. The list of stakeholders will also be validated by the leader’s supervisor. 

The stakeholders will be actively involved in the process of the leader’s journey to leadership improvement on an ongoing basis. They will be asked to provide feedforward suggestions for the leaders and participate in anonymous Mini-Surveys to determine the progress of the leader’s improvement. 

3. Stakeholders-Based Action Plan

Based on the suggestions provided by the stakeholders, the leader and the coach will then collaborate and put together a stakeholder-based action plan. This plan will be broken down into a daily checklist for the leader and will be distributed to the stakeholders so they are aware of what to look for in terms of providing suggestions for the leader. 

4. Monthly Stakeholder Input

Every month, the leader will use the 7-step “do’s and dont’s” to check in with each stakeholder. During this brief 3-5 minute check-in, the leader will ask for feedforward on the past 30 days and any suggestions moving forward. 

The leader will take note of every suggestion provided by the stakeholders and share the results with the coach. Together, the leader and the coach will add, change, or modify the action plan based for the coming month based on the stakeholder input. The stakeholders will be updated on the changes to the action plan. 

5. Measuring Leadership Growth with The Mini Survey

Typically, at the end or halfway through the coaching process, a formal mini-survey will be conducted with the stakeholders to assess the leader’s progress on their Leadership Growth Areas. 

The mini-survey will be fully anonymous, and its main purpose is to validate the improvement achieved by the leader and to gauge whether the stakeholders are recognizing the change. 

Based on the results gained from the mini-survey, the leader will do an After Action Review to reflect on what happened, the reasoning behind it, and what key learnings they should take moving forward into the future. 

Ready to start your leadership journey? 

These 5 key points are what makes the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® unique and dubbed as the World’s #1 Coaching Development Program by Global Gurus. With our award-winning and field-proven Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, you can guarantee behavioral change and leadership improvement for your coaching clients.

We boast the world’s largest executive coach network with over 4,500 coaches certified around the globe and have improved the leadership effectiveness of Fortune 500 leaders. 

We believe in supporting our fellow coaches on their journey and we guarantee that you never have to pay a dime for using our coaching methodology once you have been certified. Aside from that, here are a few of the benefits you can get from joining our global coaching community:

  • Mentorship program with world-renowned Master Coaches
  • Learn about our proven & quantifiable SCC® methodology (free to use once you’ve been certified)
  • Lifetime certification & VIP access to exclusive events (keynotes with Marshall Goldsmith, Master Coaches)
  • Real-life coaching projects to improve your skills
  • Get featured on Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching website, branded marketing collaterals, and access to free-to-use resources.

If you’re interested in joining our community of world-class executive coaches, click here to book a call with our program representative. 

Or, download our program brochure here


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