MarshallBot: A New Era in Executive Coaching

By: Brandon James Mergard

With: Marshall Goldsmith

In the dynamic world of leadership development, the integration of technology is transforming the landscape. Stakeholder Centered Coaching® (SCC), developed by Marshall Goldsmith, has set a high standard for executive coaching. Now, with the introduction of MarshallBot, this esteemed methodology is being augmented by artificial intelligence, opening new avenues for executive coaches and leaders. Go to for instant access.

The Power of Stakeholder Centered Coaching®

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is more than a coaching methodology; it is a transformative process that has helped countless leaders achieve lasting change. Its power lies in its structured approach and focus on measurable results. Here are the key features of the SCC process: 

1. Stakeholder Involvement: Engaging those who work closely with the leader ensures that changes are observable and impactful.

2. Confidential Feedback: Collecting honest feedback from engaged stakeholders provides valuable insights for growth.

3. Focused Action Plans: Leaders concentrate on one or two key behaviors, making improvements manageable and trackable.

4. Regular Follow-Up: Ongoing communication with stakeholders reinforces commitment and accountability.

5. Measurable Progress: SCC Mini-Surveys track the leader’s improvement in targeted behaviors, demonstrating tangible results. 

By actively involving stakeholders and emphasizing measurable outcomes, SCC empowers leaders to make meaningful and enduring changes in their behavior and leadership style.

Introducing MarshallBot: A Digital Companion for SCC 

MarshallBot is not just a tool; it is a digital companion that brings the principles of SCC to life. Designed to complement the human touch of coaching, MarshallBot offers a scalable and accessible way to apply SCC’s proven methodologies. It guides users through the process of identifying improvement areas, gathering feedback, and tracking progress, all while providing personalized insights based on Marshall Goldsmith’s teachings.

The Role of Technology in Modern Coaching  

The integration of AI in coaching reflects the broader trend and potential of technology enhancing human professions. Just as AI-assisted diagnostics have been enhancing medicine, AI tools like MarshallBot are transforming executive coaching for good. They offer scalability, data-driven insights, and consistency, making them invaluable assets in the coaching process. The role of technology in coaching is not to replace the human element but to augment it, providing coaches with tools to deliver more impactful and efficient coaching experiences.

Practical Ways to Use MarshallBot in Coaching Sessions 

MarshallBot can be utilized in various stages of the coaching process:

  • Pre-Session Preparation:

“List some common leadership challenges to discuss in my next session with Steve.” This helps the coach prepare a focused agenda tailored to the client’s needs.

“I need to be better at framing the coaching session. What suggestions do you have for me?” This ensures the coach has a well-informed set of skills and can use it to conduct a more efficient and impactful coaching session.

  • During the Session:

“Guide us through a feedback collection exercise with step-by-step instructions.” This facilitates an open dialogue and helps the client understand their impact on others.

“Initiate a feedforward exercise focusing on communication skills.” This encourages the client to think forward and identify actionable steps for improvement. 

  • Post-Session Follow-Up:

“Demonstrate a role play of an effective coach guiding the leader on action planning.” This provides a structured approach for the coach to follow, including key phrases to use to prepare for the next session.

“Suggest effective ways to track behavioral change in Tom’s team management.” This helps the coach monitor the client’s progress and make necessary adjustments to the coaching plan.

By leveraging these prompts, coaches can enhance their sessions with targeted, AI-driven insights and support.

It is important to note that MarshallBot, like other AI tools, is continuous work-in-progress. The prompts and/or the responses may change. We do our best to keep things up to date, but the takeaway of this section is that MarshallBot can do even more than many of us may realize.  You are encouraged to experiment, test out new approaches, and share what you’ve learned for free… Just like MarshallBot.

Success Stories: Transformative Journeys with MarshallBot 

  • Improve Feedback & Communication:

Sam, an executive coach, introduced the tool to his client, Anna, a leader facing communication challenges with her team. Anna asked MarshallBot for a good way to approach difficult conversations with her direct reports. Equipped with the tool’s structured approach and the fervent support of her coach, Anna was able to gain insights into her team’s perceptions and worked on improving her communication style. The tool’s prompts and resources helped Anna reinforce her skills at navigating difficult conversations, resulting in enhanced team dynamics and increased trust.

Prompt: Recommend a structured way to approach difficult conversations with my team members.

  • Enhance Productivity:

Taylor used MarshallBot to provide targeted recommendations to her client, Raj, who was working on reducing procrastination. Raj provided context for his situation and asked two questions: how to improve time management and how to track progress.  Raj and Taylor worked together to identify the most helpful suggestions and got to work drafting a daily checklist. By setting defined goals, tracking daily behaviors, and getting regular accountability for results from Taylor, Raj’s efforts led to a noticeable improvement in his personal productivity and his stakeholders’ perception of his leadership effectiveness.

Prompt 1: What are some recommendations to improve time management and reduce procrastination?

  Prompt 2: How can I track my progress in the skill of time management?

  • Facilitate AHA! Moments:

In a group coaching workshop, Michael employed MarshallBot to create an agenda for facilitating breakout sessions. The AI’s ability to provide personalized insights for each participant as well as recommending group- and individual- level discussion questions added depth to the group’s interactions. By the end of the session, several participants reported experiencing fresh AHA! moments that facilitated quick progress in their developmental areas and fostered a more insightful, collaborative learning environment.

Prompt: I am hosting a group coaching workshop with several sub-groups. Group A is working on delegating effectively. Provide 5 group-level questions for dialogue and 5 1:1 questions the coach can ask each individual in the group to facilitate drafting leadership action plans.

The Next Step: Embracing MarshallBot for Impactful Leadership

As we close this insightful exploration of the intersection between AI and coaching, I invite you to continue your journey of discovery and growth in the realms of coaching, leadership, and artificial intelligence. The landscape is evolving rapidly, and staying informed is key to harnessing the full potential of these powerful tools.

To begin, visit where you can sign up for a free all-access pass to Marshall’s wisdom.

To further your ongoing learning, I recommend the following resources:

Books by Marshall Goldsmith: Delve into an extensive collection of books, including “Triggers” and “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” to deepen your understanding of effective leadership and coaching practices.

Marshall Goldsmith’s Articles and Blog: Visit to access a wealth of articles and blog posts that provide valuable insights into leadership development and the role of AI in coaching.

AI and Machine Learning Courses: Explore online platforms like Coursera or edX for courses on AI and machine learning. Understanding the technology behind tools like MarshallBot will empower you to integrate them more effectively into your coaching practice.

Leadership & Coaching Podcasts: Listen to podcasts featuring thought leaders in the coaching industry, including Conversations with Coaches by Stakeholder Centered Coaching® to stay updated on the latest trends and discussions around leadership development.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching®: Join associations such as Stakeholder Centered Coaching® to connect with the world’s largest community of executive coaches. Attend a workshop, an online event or webinar, or reach out to any of the SCC Community’s certified coaches to join the movement we are creating. 

Embrace the synergy between human expertise and artificial intelligence to elevate your coaching practice and leadership journey. The future is bright, and by staying curious and informed, you will be well-equipped to lead with impact in this new era.



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    Can I, as a certified MGSCC coach, continue to use this facility whenever I want?
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    May I show this link on my website to let more people get this knowledge?

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