Why Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

Dear Coach,

There are many coaching certification programs out there. When you are competing for a coaching engagement with coaches from other programs, how do you distinguish Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

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Dear Nancy,

Recently, I won a “beauty contest,” competing with coaches certified in other programs. When the woman executive selected me, I asked her why.

She said, “Your approach, and the roadmap you offered, was much more candid, direct, and structured. By contrast, the other coaches seemed touchy feely.”

In addition to walking her through my roadmap (provided below), I told her  that from the mentorship I’d received from MGSCC founders Marshall Goldsmith, Frank Wagner, and the late Chris Coffey, I’d learned that the success of the coaching engagement depended far more on the coachee than the coach. I told her, “If you demonstrate (1) humility, which is a willingness to acknowledge that you’re not perfect and no doubt have blindspots; (2) courage, which is the willingness to take steps that will initially be outside of your comfort zone; and (3) discipline, which is the necessary follow up and follow through by which the new behaviors become cemented into habits, we can’t fail. If you are lacking any one of those three traits, we can’t succeed.”

She said, “Although I’m known as this really strong person, sometimes maybe too strong, I still sometimes feel vulnerable. If there’s a point if I am feeling vulnerable, can I share that with you?”

“Absolutely,” I replied. “In fact, I expect you to do so. A good coach has to be ready and able to pivot when needed. If you ever feel I’m coming on too strong, stop me, and let me know. Candor works both ways.”

Nancy, the thought may occur to you that although this approach got me an engagement in this case, it may have cost me in other cases. There’s a good chance you’re right. Yet I’m okay with it. Aside from the techniques that Marshall, Frank, and Chris have left for us, I like most the concept: “Let’s get serious about results or let’s not waste each other’s time.”

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MGSCC Roadmap

Jathan Janove is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Master Coach and Practice Leader. You can learn more about him here. If you have a question you’d like him to address, please email us at AsktheCoach@mgscc.net.



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